Response To Nearly Every Lympo Blog Post

Lympo has perfected a marketing smoke screen which spreads disinformation and misleads investors

This article is a detailed critique of several posts published on by Lympo on their Medium page. This is not a “FUD” article. My former profession was in fitness, and in addition to my fitness background I have a bit of common sense and an IQ higher than an empty cereal box.

I have reached out to Lympo multiple times, they responded only once, and their reply was riddled with false claims and assumptions. I tried asking questions in the Telegram group and was lied to and personally attacked by Tony G, their head advisor. The admins ignored the name calling by Tony G, claimed they had answered the questions (which they had not) and then banned me. I took screenshots after I was banned, which is why my messages were deleted.

This statement quickly proves to be incorrect
There are no fiat gateways. Complete lie.

With the personal attacks out of the way, lets look at the actual substance of the various posts Lympo has made, why many are misleading, and why the project is entirely bullshit.

Marketing at its Finest

Lympo has a fantastic marketing team. Credit is due where credit is deserved. Their marketing is far superior than any other crypto project, they consistently push fluff blog posts that contain little to no information, and promotional videos.

As stated in a recent article of mine, a spokesperson is a strong factor in marketing in the crypto space. Ada does an excellent job filling this role. She appears friendly and amiable in every video, big smiles and plenty of enthusiasm.

Lympo has paid for promotional advertising across the crypto social media sphere. Many of the videos featuring Ava have disclaimers. Lympo even published a blog post highlighting how they have been featured on so many grassroots crypto outlets.

Dallas Mavericks and Lympo

Response to “Dallas Mavericks and Lympo announce multi-year partnership to promote health and fitness tech

  • It is fascinating how a reputable team would partner with a company with no working product and very clear flaws in their concept.
  • I am reaching out to the Mavericks for comment, will keep everyone updated on that progress.

Use of Crowdfunding

Response to “Using the LYM token to crowdfund sports and wellness related initiatives

  • This is an unnecessary addition to a self described fitness rewards platform. It just doesn’t make much sense.
  • No mention of any fees or details surrounding crowdfunding. The article is reworded fluff from the whitepaper, as are most of the blog posts.

Lympo and Changing Sports Habits

Response to “5 Reasons Lympo Will Change The Sports Habits Of Regular Users” in order of the listed reasons.

Motivation to keep working out:

“But the most valuable reward — at least as perceived by our brain — is that which holds monetary value.”

Athletes that regularly take part in sports do not need extra motivation in the form of pennies per mile to help them workout. Lympo has stated repeatedly rewards are small.

A Healthy Community:

There is no incentive or component of the platform that fosters community strength. No part of the platform has anything to do with supporting other users.

Tailored Workouts:

“Lympo solves this problem by bringing personal trainers and big data on board. Users will be able to use the tokens to buy services from certified personal trainers”

This is already available on multiple websites and apps. Most people do not want to pay for personal training, it is expensive. Regardless, the most important part of working with a personal trainer is motivation and fostering a close relationship.

Personal trainers are much more than a resource for fitness, they often fall into a role of being a therapist. Building a deep close connection with a client is not possible through an online app.

Correcting a clients form while working out is crucial, as bad form may lead to serious injury. This is not possible when done remotely.

Almost all of the personal trainers listed on the Lympo website hail from Lithuania. Time zone issues are a real thing.

Digital Health:

“Based on one’s activity records, it is possible to make plenty of suggestions for further improvement. Be it muscle development, dietary improvements, or achieving new goals that seemed unachievable before. By systematically processing the data and using knowledge of health and fitness professionals, Lympo will be able to offer its users tailor-made advice.”

This is absolutely not the way health and fitness works. Humans are not predictable machines. Life often gets in the way of lifestyle, if an algorithm can offer specific advice to each user, than what use is the personal trainer?

Working For Improvement:

“One of the greatest fitness trends coming up in the future is functional training. Unlike usual workouts, the purpose is not solely to work out — it is to improve your daily life. Lympo’s interactive ecosystem will allow matching those daily needs with people that can help achieve improvement. Seeing improvement in everyday life will thus act as great motivation to keep going forward, while also significantly improving one’s health.”

Matching daily needs to “people”? I’m assuming that was meant to be written as personal trainers. Regardless, “Interactive ecosystem” is a nice buzzword but this is nothing specific to Lympo.

A Healthy Lifestyle For Everyone

“Understanding the complexity of the issues, Lympo has developed an ecosystem to tackle the main problems. Whether it’s lack of knowledge, motivation, or money — Lympo will help to overcome those problems and help its users to live a healthier lifestyle easily.”

Oh boy.

  • Rewards, as said multiple times by the Lympo team, are minimal. They will not provide an incentive to cheat, or an incentive to work.
  • Knowledge and motivation comes from support, which you can only get from purchasing the services of a trainer. Online personal trainers are notoriously ineffective, as personal training is ONLY effective when it takes place in the real world, not online.

Using Lym at the Gym

Response to “Using LYM while hitting the gym? Sure!

“Is the gym membership price dragging you down? Pay it fully or partially with LYM which you’ve earned by running a marathon!”

Considering Planet Fitness offers a $10/month membership, gym fees are not always expensive. As far as paying with LYM earned from running a marathon, this is a hilarious statement, one which I have refuted in the past. The average cost of a marathon in the U.S is $60-$100. Uploading a picture of a $60 bib for a minuscule reward to pay $10/month gym fees defies common sense.

“Do you need some new sports equipment or maybe nutritional supplements? Get a discount by paying with LYM.”

First you must purchase LYM, a highly volatile cryptocurrency. You must buy BTC, transfer it to an exchange, purchase LYM, and then find a retailer which takes LYM as payment. Seems like a great system to me.

“Another potential example — a loyalty and motivation system in which the gym, by participating in the ecosystem, would be able to rewards its most active members with LYM tokens for their loyalty and enthusiasm.”

This already exists, its called Perkville.

Progress Update Video

Response to “Lympo progress update from CEO Ada Jonuse and CPO Marius Silenskis

  • In a poorly scripted and painful to watch video CEO Ada speaks about an announcement of an announcement, and thats about it.
  • One of the only take aways of the video is that the team is working on API’s to incorporate other fitness platforms into Lympo. This system won’t work. Why would a user sign up for a rewards platform with negligible rewards?
  • The video, as is the rest of the Lympo project, is excellently done in terms of marketing. Most of the video is pretty shots of people looking happy and doing things with nice music underlaying every shot.

On Lympo Being a Community Driven Company

Response to “Lympo is a community-driven company, so tune in!

  • Questioning the efficacy of the project will lead to a ban hammer and no further responses from the team.
  • Tony G, poker player and Lympo advisor (weird right? why is that a thing?) runs the chat. He is confrontational, and an all around asshole as is evident by these screenshots. Note these were taken after I was banned, so my statements are removed.

Fitness Wearables + Lympo Makes No Sense

Response to “A look at the wearable activity tracker industry: a flourishing environment for the Lympo ecosystem

  • Requiring fitness wearables for use will greatly cut down on the amount of users able to use the platform.
  • Lympo makes no profit off of users purchasing fitness wearables from other fitness competitors.
  • Fitness wearables often if not always come with their own platform.

“According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the overall wearables market is expected to grow from 113.2 million shipments in 2017 to 222.3 million in 2021, with key growth happening in the smartwatch category, as opposed to basic wristbands, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band or Fitbit Charge. This is almost two times more devices in just a few years!”

“Despite the fact, currently, this data serves to provide valuable insights into their activity and health to individual users, but there is no infrastructure in place to voluntarily share it with various companies, such as sports and health service providers and get various rewards and incentives in return.”

  • Companies like FitBit have an enormous head start on data collection. This data is sold for pennies on the dollar or stolen in hacks. There is no reason whatsoever for a company to pay a premium for data that is inaccurate, as with Lympo there is an incentive to cheat (and cheating is easy).

Don’t Forget!

Lympo is a fitness rewards platform. This means cheating is likely, especially because they have no safeguards in place to prevent it.

Their solution? Incentives won’t be great enough to incentivize cheating. Which means Lympo is a fitness rewards platform that doesn’t pay rewards.

Hope you enjoyed reading, and have a great day!


I am a human being with common sense, dignity, and a strong passion for helping others succeed in their health and fitness goals. I come from a fitness background, and the disgust I feel for Lympo, a blatant scam masquerading as the first “fitness based token” is strong. Everything I stated above is factually true, based on articles written by Lympo and conversations I have had (and released publicly) with the team. This is not a “FUD” article, this is a logical and appropriate response to a scam project.

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