The Autonio BTSDEX is Revolutionary and On Track to Become a Market Maker Gold Standard

The Autonio team has been working nonstop and are proud to announce the completion of the BTSDEX Bot, to be released publicly in the coming weeks. The BTSDEX Bot is so successful it even shocked Ali Raheman, CEO of Autonio.

“The way I illustrate how amazing the market maker is, it even amazes me, is I just send a link [to the person] and they can run it themselves. The results speak for themselves.” — Ali Raheman

During testing the Bot produced $30,000 of volume per hour with only $900 injected. $90 of profit was generated after a 24 hour cycle.

Three of Six pages of reports.

What is the significance of the BTSDEX Bot release?

A clear solution for the illiquid DEX

DEX’s are notorious for lack of liquidity and volume, a major reason why their use has not been popularized. Autonio has solved this problem.

An unlimited number of bots can run on a single exchange. For example, one user with $50 can generate large amounts of volume all while creating profit for themselves. Hundreds of users with $50 investments can add millions of dollars in volume while producing profits. The benefit for the DEX, the user, and the community is immense.

The bot is capable of an enormous amount of transactions.

“300,000 trades per day for a single user on CEX, and 85,000 trade actions per day from an user on DEX. I think we can do up to 300 million executions per day soon, which is the Wall Street max by their largest hedge fund market maker.— Sam Ben, Co Founder and CTO

The transaction capacity clearly illustrates how a relatively small investment can generate such large amounts of volume.

The Bot currently trades certain pairs, with many more to be added in the future. This is important to keep in mind, the Bot is not accessible with every pairing.

“It will include 3 market making strategies that should provide high liquidity to DEXs on certain pairs. The bot has been efficient and profitable so far.” — Ali Raheman

Many decentralized exchanges list new coins/tokens for far less than their centralized counterparts, and some even list for free. Once more pairs are added, DEX’s can launch ICO’s with liquidity conducive to higher volume trading. This will greatly reduce volatility, especially for coins/tokens following an exchange listing.

This is a major turning point for the future of the DEX. With BTSDEX Bot the performance gap in terms of trading volume between DEX and Centralized Exchange is narrowed significantly.

True to Autonio’s Decentralized Vision, DEX Bot will be Released to the People

While the Bot is intellectual property owned by Autonio, it is a decentralized program, created for the people.

“We want to stay true to the mission of Autonio, and keep its decentralized nature. We will release this platform to the people.” — Ali Raheman

Ease of Use, Accessible To Anyone

While automated bots can be key in a traders playbook, those lacking a deep understanding of technical indicators cannot use them successfully. The BTSDEX Bot, like Autonio, comes with a algorithmic marketplace enabling anyone and everyone to purchase a successful trading protocol and run it themselves.

During testing profits ranged between 6–10% of the initial investment per day. You read that right. This is groundbreaking.

NIO — The Market Maker Gold Standard

The proven success of the BTSDEX Bot puts Autonio on the path to become the market maker Gold Standard across DEX platforms. Incorporation of NIO is a necessary step forward for any DEX wishing to compete in the crypto space. Illiquid, low volume, thin books and massive slippage will be a thing of the past.

A Truly Functional Utility Token

NIO is used to pay to access the Bot. Each payment is burned, reducing the supply over time. NIO is also used to purchase algorithms on the marketplace.

This Sounds Too Good To Be True

Keep in mind automated high frequency trading has been on Wall Street for years, and Autonio references many of the same Wall Street HFT techniques. While Wall Street has their bots locked behind closed doors, Autonio is available for the common man.

Closing Thoughts

The BTSDEX Bot is revolutionary for a number of reasons.

  • The only decentralized automated trading bot in the crypto space, and outside of it. This tech does not exist anywhere else.
  • Ease of use and primed for future adoption. Technical experience is not needed.
  • Solves a major problem facing DEX’s: illiquidity, low volume, and major slippage.

Autonio has been under the radar for sometime as the team has been working non-stop to create this revolutionary product. In the weeks leading up to the BTSDEX Bot launch you can expect to see an increase in marketing as the development phase nears completion and the adoption phase starts in full force.

Disclaimer: The author absolutely holds Autonio and does not plan on selling any of it anytime soon.

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